Night Sky Events Italia

Get a press pass



This session is dedicated to those who want to request a press pass for A DAY WITH… , which will guarantee an entry to the event as a press agent.

Press passes availability is very limited.

Who can request a press pass?

A press pass can be requested by someone who manages a facebook page or a website talking about news, tv shows and pop culture.

The press pass guarantees an entry to the panel session of A DAY WITH… taking place May 21st-22nd 2022. With this type of pass comes a reserved seat.

The press pass DOESN’T include any extras but gives you the opportunity to buy some.

What do you have to do once you get a press pass?

Once you get a press pass you commit yourself to publish a post/article once a week about the convention and the link of the website of Night Sky Events Italia. Posts can contain info, photos, countdowns, news and so on.

Posts about important news (location, guests, sales…) must be guaranteed. Once the convention has taken place at least one post/article about the event must be published.

The violation of these obligations will lead to lose the press pass.

How can you get a press pass?

To request a press pass you have to send, from April 21st until May 1st, an email to [email protected] stating the name of  the page/website, the name of the owner, its link and the link of a symbolic post/article.

The choice is entirely made by the staff and is guided by the appropriateness of the page topic, visitors of the posts and way of writing them.